We ♥️ Our International Visitors

We are extremely lucky to be located in such a beautiful little village that appeals to so many people from all over the world. I mean, do you even visit Scotland if you don't post a photo of you at Loch Lomond?

So here are some stats about Luss...

  • Luss has a population of only 450 
  • There are roughly 13 businesses in Luss
  • Just under 1 million (!!) tourists/visitors come to Luss per year 

Most of the tourists that visit us, tend to ask 'Oh, is that the place from Take the High Road?!' and then proceed with 'you're probably too young to remember that...', which always gives us a giggle. So ITV has definitely put us on the map! 

With all these tourists visiting us daily, we thought it might be a good idea to get to know where they are from. So, we decided to put up a big map of the world on the wall and get our visitors to pin where they're from! This has been such a talking point and people love telling us about their travels as most have come from far far away to visit our Smokehouse and Shop! 

Just yesterday, we had a gentleman telling us about his life back home in Israel. For us, this was really interesting as it is a completely different way of living. He asked us many questions about life in Scotland and told us that haggis was his next tasting experience after our Scottish Smoked Salmon! 

Everyone working here at Luss Smokehouse has said how much they love meeting new people and getting to know about different cultures - so working here is ideal! 

If you haven't been to see us yet, make sure you come very soon to leave some of your hometown behind! 


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